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    Ladies of the MCU + Misogyny

    "Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult." - Charlotte Whitton

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    how the hell do i talk to people

    Stand in front of them and press A


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    Real Time with Bill Maher: 6.6.14 — Anthony Weiner, Jim Geraghety, Nicolle Wallace


    Holy shit, Anthony Weiner actually said something important.

    It’s a miracle!

    That’s been the Republican strategy since day one of Obama’s presidency. Block the President at every turn, then blame him for not getting anything done. In fact, here’s Newt Gingrich openly admitting to it.

    That’s why Republicans block jobs bills — so they can blame Obama for the economy still sucking. They’ve blocked budgets, resulting in a government shutdown that they then tried to blame on Obama. They’ve tried over and over again to block Obamacare, and complain that it’s a failure as they work their asses off to try to make it fail.

    It’s kindergarten politics, and we need to vote these schmucks out in November. A bunch of white guys throwing temper tantrums and shouting NO! to everything just because they don’t like the president is no way to run a government, especially if we’re going to continue to pretend to be one of the greatest nations on earth.

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    30 photos that smash the harmful stereotypes toy companies feed us

    According to a survey conducted by Global Toy Experts, moms have noticed a 25% drop in the number of gender-neutral toys their daughters play with now compared to the toys moms played with during their own childhoods. That’s right, according to this data, women today are much more likely to have played with tools or a construction set than their daughters.

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    Here are some pictures of Miss Lane’s Cinderella dress I finished recently.  I started off with a curtain I found at Goodwill for 2.99. I dyed it blue (it started out a seafoam green), and used some random scraps of matte white satin and netting from an old prom dress to create the skirt poufs and sleeves along with the crinoline for under the dress. I also made her a small two hoop skirt to help hold the dress out. :)  She loves wearing it, and it is so magical seeing her wearing it around Disney World. :)

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    Emily Blincoe: Color-coded photography

    We’ve already featured talented Austin-based photographer Emily Blincoe a couple of times on iGNANT. Her output is amazingly creative and never fails to make us smile. Emily is probably best known for her color-coded arrangements.

    For her latest works she collected color permutation of tomatoes, oranges, eggs, ice cream and leaves and sorted them into groups and gradients for each image

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    Parineeti Chopra responds to a male reporter who claims to know nothing about periods (menstrual cycle). [X]


    I started my period when I was 10 years old. But we didn’t tell my grandma for three years because she subscribed to the “old traditions”, where a woman on her period could not enter the house, not even to bathe. Where she had to sit outside in front of the house (where the whole village could be witness to her shame and isolation) for the entire duration.

    My friend started her period unexpectedly while we were at our local temple (in America) for dance class. Asking around if any of the parents had pads (all of them apologized and acted like adults about it), I thought surely the front office has a first aid kit. Don’t they have pads? When we asked, not only did they not have any, when one of the women gave one from her purse, the head secretary told us “There are men who need to use the first-aid kit, ya? So we don’t keep period things there.” Not even ibuprofen (which has so many more uses than period pain).

    There are girls in India and Nepal (and other places, but I just read an in-depth piece about the situations in Nepal) who have to go to the “period hut” when their period comes and not leave until its over. They can’t wash and dry their cloth pads in the daylight, so they do it at night when the pads won’t dry properly before their next use, making them vulnerable to infection.

    It is incredibly important, especially in India, to break the taboo surrounding periods. Break the secrecy around an event that happens to almost every woman, every month for literally half of her lifetime. Break the hiding, break the cover-up, break the SHAME.

    Just break EVERYTHING. So little girls can go to school every day of every month without feeling ashamed. So women can work every day of every month to provide for their families without being glared at. So single fathers can confidently take care of their daughters’ health. So that women can talk about how terrible their period is or isn’t and give each other advice on how to deal with it without looking around to make sure men aren’t listening.
    So that Whisper doesn’t have to be called Whisper, it can be called SHOUT. It can be called PROUD. So that we don’t NEED to fucking WHISPER about our bodies and our health.

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    "frozen is the best disney movie because it’s the only one that doesn’t concentrate on romantic love"












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    This is just so pleasing to watch. 


    two types of people

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